Family Outdoor Session:

During Outdoor family sessions we will come together in nature and capture the connection of your family. I guide my family sessions to be a calm and stress free environment. My family sessions have a no expectation rule. I have no expectations for our family session. your pictures will reflect the authentic of who your family truly is. I don't capture how your family interacts with me, but rather how your family interacts with each other. My sessions don't consist of poses where everyone is holding still and smiling at the camera. Yes, I may include a few of these type of pictures but, that isn't the end goal. The goal is always is to capture the love, emotion, and connection within your family. I suggest that you take the day of as as a family so you can spend a lot of time together and not feel rushed getting ready. For immediate family only.


Family In home Session: 

Family In home sessions will capture your family in their comfortable environment- your home. Lifestyle sessions capture the raw moments and emotions of REAL life. Dishes towering in the sink? Kids throwing a tantrum again? Jumping on the bed? Yes, that all actually happens in real life so we will capture these so important but, also so overlooked memories. Your family will go through their normal routine while I come along to capture the moments. Don't worry if you feel like you will be AWKWARd, I will give you direction and guidance. We will intentionally plan "ACTIVITIES" to happen during the session, and then the style will simply be documentary; I will just be there as a fly on the wall capturing the moments. Some examples of activities could be, Pillow fights, arts and crafts, cuddling on the couch, baking, etc.